We know lots of you have enjoyed Music Together Classes – courtesy of Miss Tracy herself, but here is a peek behind that voice.

1. I grew up in a suburb on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. I still consider myself a Midwest girl!

2 and 3.  I live in Palm Beach Gardens. I always tell everybody I love living here because I can walk to the mailbox anytime of year in my bare feet. Definitely different than Cleveland, Ohio!
4. Tell you about my three kids? Well that could be a whole book!
Charlotte is 16 and just got her driver’s license and a car. She is a musical theater NUT. She takes five dance classes per week plus voice lessons and is always in some kind of show. Big dreams of Broadway one day. She’s been turbo independent since the day she was born. She’s never needed me and I am in awe of her. She currently attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Ben is 14 and is a great kid! He started off as the troublemaker and then discovered theater. He actually spent ages 11 through 13 touring with national Broadway shows. He has performed all over the world. He recently came home and also started attending Dreyfoos. He now wants to be a singer/songwriter and is very proficient in many instruments and has a beautiful singing voice.  3. AJ is 11 and attends Meyer Prep in Palm Beach Gardens. He is basketball ALL DAY LONG. He plays for the ball 4 lyfe travel team!
5. We all have pretty crazy schedules so don’t get out much together. We love our Sunday night dinners and our family game nights. And funny enough, we all love going to the Gardens Mall.
6. favorite family restaurant would be Cg Burgers. You can sit inside or outside. You can be loud. And everybody can find something to eat! Also, we enjoy dining out in Midtown – there’s a restaurant there for each of us between Christopher‘s Kitchen and Blaze and Chipotle and Anzo. We will each get our food and then sit outside somewhere together.
7. Our favorite family vacation spot is New York City. The boys can go to a basketball game and the theater kids can go to a Broadway show. It’s perfect!
8. I own a small business called Tracie’s Music Together. We offer mommy-and-me music classes for ages 0 to 5. I’ve been doing it for almost 14 years and it’s my fourth child. Pretty much the other love of my life!!! The best part are the infant-only classes where the little babies lay on the carpet and we sing to them and dance with them and it is so beautiful! Www.traciesmusictogether.com.
9. Lately, the thing that has made my life easier and awesome is ordering food from the Hybrid Chef! He delivers meals to my front door on Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings. They are healthy and delicious and it’s just been a big treat!!! Has made me so happy! Amazon prime delivery from Whole Foods is pretty amazing, too.
10. My daughter Charlotte inspires me the most because she has a goal and she works nonstop in trying to fulfill it.
11. I love shopping for clothes that make me feel good, and I love retreating to the sofa for a good Netflix show. Most importantly, I make sure to plan lunches and dinners with my girlfriends. Those are the best. Our favorite place to go is Christophers Kitchen on wine Wednesday where the bottles of wine are half off!
12. I honestly wish somebody told me that having a baby isn’t just about having a BABY… That the baby turns into a child and then into a teenager and then into a grown-up. And if you have more than one, you start getting pulled into 1 million zillion directions. And you are responsible for them at all stages! It is emotionally and financially draining! But of course it’s also the most rewarding and best job ever!!!

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