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This Palm Beach mom is as beautiful on the inside as out- in addition to a family business she helps those near and far by sharing the gift she has honed ( I owe her thank you notes actually).  Read on to see what the gift is.  (Hint- We also think a call with her would be the perfect baby gift for a first time mom!)

Name: Melissa Perry

Where did you grow up: I was born in Palm Beach Gardens and raised in Jupiter.

Town you live in now: I live in Palm Beach Gardens

Why do you love living there: I have always loved living where people come to vacation. I almost don’t appreciate it enough, but as I have gotten older I realize just how lucky I am. I am the oldest of four girls and all of us now live in the area and blessed to raise our kids together. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Tell me about your kids: We have three incredible kids. Riley is 7 and my quality time loving daughter. Hudson is 5 and he is my athletic, curious and adventurous guy. And Aiden is 3 and he is my joyful, independent, always into something child.


Favorite things to do with the family locally: We love to go to our gym, ha of course. But we love eating at good restaurants!Best family restaurant: Taco Chula. And yes, you MUST get the churros.

Ideal family vacation spot and why: Every summer we spend a week or two at a quiet lake house in New Hampshire called Lake Winnipesaukee. I can’t describe the beauty of this place, but it’s everything you need to slow down your mind and enjoy the quiet moments with your family.

What’s your ‘day job’? I have a few hats I wear. Being a wife and mother are always my first priority and most rewarding job. I am also a certified sleep consultant for babies and toddlers and own The Cradle Coach where we help families give their children the best sleep possible. I have the most incredible team of sleep consultants and work with clients locally as well as across the country. Finally, my husband and I also own Hard Exercise Works Palm Beach Gardens. We offer high intensity, strength and endurance training in a group setting. The programmed workouts change daily and it will definitely meet your fitness goals. The greatest part of the gym is the community that is formed. We truly are a big family!


What is something that makes your life easier/better?  Delegating your weaknesses to someone who finds it as a strength. I swear by this in motherhood as well as an entrepreneur. I can’t do it all but the people on my teams as well as running the household are the best suited! And I fully trust them. I don’t need to micromanage them. They are the best at what they do.How do you balance your ‘day job’ and motherhood? I battle wanting to be home with my kids and when I am home, I want to be at work. Aka – Mom Guilt. Initially when we took over Hard Exercise Works Gardens, my husband and I were working long hours and just felt torn because we weren’t at home. I desperately wanted to be with my kids. But when I was with my kids, I was always on my phone, shooting off emails and making calls, and desiring to be at the gym. This was the moment I said enough is enough and I needed to be where I was – in the moment I was in. Intentionally. And that’s what I have been doing ever since. When I am at the gym or working with clients at The Cradle Coach, I am so focused on my work. When I come home, I put my phone away and spend quality time with my kids. I also have learned to say no. Not easy to do but something that I find adds so much more value to your balance.

Who inspires you and why? I have a solid group of women that surround my every day life. They push me to be a better wife, mother, friend, and entrepreneur. Not only do they keep me accountable, but these women are completely authentic. You will never feel judged. These women are my core – we do life together.

What do you do for self care? This is big for me. I start by getting quiet time in every morning. It sets the tone for the day. Being that I own a gym, it helps to know that I will get a workout in every day. But my heart needs long runs. I find this is my place of quietness and self reflection. I throw on a podcast, worship music, or maybe a little Beyonce and just run.

What did you wish you knew but no one told you about being a parent? I wish I would have known how to live life fully without desiring what’s next.

Anything else you want to share? Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your purpose. So many mothers I interact with often have these incredible passions but seem to be held back from pursuing them due to fear. Go after it! See where it takes you.

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