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Like it or not, hurricane season happens every year, so you might as well prepare and hope it isn’t necessary.

1.  Talk to kids ahead of time about what a hurricane is:

This page has lessons plans and information appropriate for a variety of ages.

It is a great time to learn about maps, geography, and weather.

Helping others is always a way to bring comfort.  So if you are impacted, take water and snacks to the FPL trucks that will probably be on your street soon.  If you were not impacted

2.  Prepare your home:

Unless you have impact windows, get those shutters in place before its gets windy.

Have your rainboots handy.

Prepare food from your fridge and freezer that would need electricity.  For example – boil eggs.  Clean any fruits or veg.  Cook any meats.

Turn your AC down.

Precharge any devices like phone, flashlight, etc and get batteries for others.

If you have a pool know that you can use a bucket of pool water to refill your toilet so it will flush.  If not shop your recycle bin for containers to fill and leave next to the toilet (bleach containers, wine bottles (no judgement ha)

Scan in all important documents and upload them to dropbox or similar.  Then put them in a watertight container for safe keeping.

We actually made this handy solar oven for fun and I imagine it could come in handy without electricity.

If you have a generator make sure you have gas and read the directions carefully.  Generators are to be operated outdoors ONLY.

3.  Stock Up:

I try to have items on hand that will not go bad but will get used regardless.  Here are a few of our musts:

Bottled water is important but the plastic kills me.  Richard’s Rainwater, a sustainable no plastic water brand that catches rainwater straight from the clouds without ever hitting the dirty ground. We like to call it cloud juice!  Dedicated to minimizing its carbon footprint, Richard’s Rainwater builds local, low energy rainwater capture centers as close to its customers as possible. And they promise always to be the most sustainable bottled water company on earth. Richard’s Rainwater is available in still and sparkling and sold in aluminum cans and glass bottles. To get yours visit

Snacks.  But no sugar because you can’t have the kids going bonkers stuck inside (also my go to travel snack).  CHUM Fruit Bites are sweet but no sugar snacks that contains no artificial ingredients or colorants. NO FAKE STUFF! They are made with fresh fruits that are picked in-season and used in their rawest form. Packets are biodegradable.  CHUM Fruit Bites donate 15% of their profits to, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving endangered species.  For more information, please visit

Coffee.  Because Momma doesn’t run on water alone. We found this shelf stable coffee with CLA Plus in the Cold Brew Cowffee Drink! CLA is an element in milk that has potentially astounding health benefits (studies have shown it to be anti-cancer, anti-obesity, and more in animal models). Just open and enjoy.  I actually like it room temp…  which is how moms usually get their morning coffee anyhow!

We also make sure to get batteries, make PB&J and freeze them, prepare precooked veggie dogs, etc.

3.  Should we stay or should we go:

If you are told to evacuate, please do so.  You don’t want to end up needing assistance that would put more people in harms way.

This is Palm Beach county map – find your zone so you can keep up on evacuation information.

4.  Make it a “hurication”:

This depends on the storm trajectory greatly and if you are traveling by air or land.  Here are some of our go to options.



New York City

Then book your flights or get gas and call for the accommodations.


Be safe friends!



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